Drivers Mandatory Requirements:

As a racer and member of the club your responsibility is:

Help setup and/or pack up all club equipment including the safety fence, speakers, monitor, club banner, timing system etc. Ask race organizer for a job if needed because many hands make light work for us all Please help pack up club equipment before packing you personal equipment.

You are required to marshall the race after yours. If you listed on the grid listing as #3, you marshal cone # 3.

You must be out marshaling at least 30 Sec BEFORE track opens.

If you cant marshal make sure YOU get someone to take your place. Sorry, but having to pit for other drivers or racing multiple classes is no excuse to get out of marshaling.

Put your trash in the trash bin provided.



After your race, you MUST report immediately to the track for corne marshaling duties. The racers scheduled for the last heat/main will marshal the first heat / main.

No smoking, drinking, eating, texting,  or chatting when marshaling. Only watch the corner you are assigned.

Corner marshaling is a REQUIRED activity. You must take your turn at marshaling. If you are not physically able or are under 12, you must make arrangements for someone to fill your marshaling position.

It is expected that you marshal ALL your races for the day please don’t leave your marshaling duties if drivers leave with out a substitute marshal races may need to be cancel.

If an RC breaks down you do not return the car to the pits relay it to the next marshal closer to the pits drop the car at an end of pit lane do wait for a mechanic drop off and return ASAP. Some clubs require you to put the car off the track and as close to the safety fence for the pit crew to retrieve mainly 1/5 scale.

Pay strict attention to your section of the track, do not get caught up in the racing. Marshal as you’d like your race to be marshaled.

As soon as you see a crash occur immediately move quickly towards it, Don’t wait for the crash to finish.

Marshals are also responsible for making sure all spectators stay behind the mesh and do not enter high-risk areas.

Keep an eye on what’s coming toward you, and generally what’s going on around you. Do not try to run between cars or jump over cars, placing yourself in harm’s way – don’t be a hero.

BE SAFE out there. Toy cars are more easily repaired than humans. If it takes a couple of extra seconds, then so be it. If the driver doesn’t like it, they shouldn’t have crashed in the first place..

Wear gloves and other protective clothing such as safety glasses and enclosed footwear NO THONGS OR SANDELS.

These cars, although they are toys, can be dangerous if not marshaled properly. Be aware of the hazardous parts of the car, exhaust, gears, tires, etc.

Use both hands to marshal an overturned toy car, picking it up by the front and rear wing. Using one hand may seem quicker, but you’ll generally do a better job if you use both hands do not throw the car the closer to the ground you release the car the less chance it will bounce and land upside down the worst and most frustrating thins is having to have the car marshaled 2-3 times.

Do not try to kick cars over with your feet.

Always marshal a car so that it points in the right direction when released.

Place toy cars back on the track in the location where they crashed or left the track. Do not advance a car on the track. If two cars crash separately in your zone always marshal the car that crashed first not the closest one.

Don’t throw a car into oncoming traffic and cause another crash! Wait until the track is clear before you set the car back down on the track or off the race line and allow the driver to enter the race line.

If you notice that one car caused another to crash, help the innocent guy first. The guy who caused the crash doesn’t deserve to be rewarded by being marshaled first.

Marshal all toy cars equally, play no favorites. If two cars crash separately in your zone always marshal the car that crashed first not the closest one or your freind.

You should be out on track and ready to marshal AT LEAST 3 minutes before the race starts this is when the warm up starts marshals should be at in location to marshal crashed cars. Late marshals should receive a penalty.

Do not leave marshaling position until all cars are finished not all cars started at the same time late starter may have extra laps to do.

Drivers – Get off the throttle when you’re being marshaled! The marshal may choose to just stand back and wait for you to get on the brakes before helping your overturned toy car. Marshals – raise both hands in the air if engine is still revving indication for the driver to apply the breaks.

Get to your marshaling position as quickly after your race as possible you position is indicated on the grid listing, Please offer to swap with younger participants marshaling in difficult positions and with Participants with physical limitation in difficult positions.

The next racers will need your help during their warm-up session please help in the pits with filling and starting their car.

And above all else – LET’S BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!

Driver etiquette on the track:

There should be no intentional bumping, cutting-off of other vehicles.

When a vehicle lapping you approaches you must move of the driving line or take the outside line to allow it to pass without holding it up or causing a crash. It is usually a good idea to call out “pass inside” to let the faster driver know when to pass you.

Please note that the use of reverse (Electric) during races is strictly prohibited reverse is to be disabled

If you cause a crash (rear end, T-bone etc.) it is courtesy and expected to wait for the crashed car to be marshaled and pass you back before resuming racing.

To cause regular crashes through reckless, over zealous driving is considered poor sportsmanship.

After your race you must immediately stop your vehicle, then return to the track to marshal the next race. If you cannot marshal you must find someone to take your spot and advise the race organizer of the change.

No language or tantrum throwing, (they are model cars).


Bad Weather

On the Saturday night before racing go to and check the forecast for Adelaide. Racing will be cancelled if the forecasted temperature is 35c and above, or constant rain.

If you are unsure it is best to check Website or Facebook.


General Track Rules:

If you don’t understand a rule, ask an official.

In all circumstances, the Officials decision is final.

The track will be closed for practice during setup of race meetings and no cars will be allowed on track until the race meeting starts.

Vehicles are only to be driven on the racetrack, within the safety fence. DO NOT drive anywhere else within the reserve.

Your vehicle should always be placed on the track at the raised pit lane in front of the rostrum.

You should exit the pit lane at a fast walking pace and merge with the rest of traffic with caution.

If your vehicle breaks down you or your pit crew must NOT run across the track to get it. A marshal will return it to the pits or put it to the edge of the track next to the safety fence for you to retrieve.

Mid-race refueling & repairs are only permitted in the raised pit area. Vehicle is to be removed from the racing surface (or pit lane surface) and must be placed on table or edge of raised pit.

Make sure your transponder number is correct on the grid listing.

Make sure you have someone who will do your grid start for finals.

After a race/heat is completed, drivers in the next race have 4 minutes to start their vehicles and prepare for the start. The following timeframes should be observed:

3 Minutes to go: All marshals should be in place and ready.

45 seconds to go: all cars should be out on track and circulating. Any refueling should have taken place before now.

30 seconds to go: All cars should be preparing for a start.

During finals, all cars should head immediately to the correct position on the starting grid marked out by the numbered. If you do not have someone to do your grid start you must start rear of field, after all other cars have started.

Grid starts any cars not on track by the 30 second mark or that stall and need re-starting after this, MUST START FROM THE PITS after all vehicles have passed.

There will be a 10 second board, then at 1-4 seconds remaining a “Cars Down” board at which time your car will be placed on the track. Your car must remain stationary on its own until the race starts a few seconds later. Your car is NOT to be held stationary by a person. Any car being held back manually or that creeps forward more than a car length will be given a stop/go pit penalty.

APPLY BRAKES when your car crashes and is being marshaling do not accelerate until on the track. Cars with revving engines or spinning wheels will be refused marshaling until brakes are applied for the safety of marshals. Do not re-apply throttle until the marshal has safely released your car.

At the completion of the race it is recommended you do a cool down lap use designated track cut troughs and use the pit lane, again at a fast walking pace. Do not drive backwards down pit lane or drive off the track to your pit table your vehicle should be removed via the pit lane.

Shut off your cars engine, turn off your radio gear, and immediately head out to your marshal point before the 3-minute count.