RCGP Australia

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This summer SDMCC presents a different kind of racing event. RCGP Australia! In the spirit of the international RCGP series this event will break traditions and introduce head-to-head racing throughout the event.  Every qualifying or ‘heat’ race is a race for postition on the track and for points.  Points are added throughout the event to select you place in the final order.

Bracketed points  examples

  • 40 drivers 10 in each group  A 0-9  B 10-19  C 20-29 D 31-39
  • 60 drivers 15 in each group A 0-14  B 15-29 C 30-44 D 45-60
  • uneven number   eg 42 drivers  A-11  B-11  C-10  D-10

Practice from 12 pm – 5pm


Registration @ 8am, drivers briefing @ 8:30, racing @ 9am

  • Practice / Seeding round (own clock) best 3 consecutive  (10min)
  • 4 rounds of ‘heads-up’ grid start racing for bracketed points. Overall regrade after every round.
    • Note: All points count, no rounds will be dropped!   

Sunday Finals

 30 min bump up finals,  Buggy 45 final 15 cars , Truggy 30 final , E-Buggy 3×10 finals

  • Buggy E  (30 min)  top 5 bump Marshaled by Buggy A
  • E-Buggy B  (10min)   Marshaled by E-Buggy A
  • E-Buggy A  (10 min) Marshaled by E-Buggy B
  • Buggy D   (30 min) top 5 bump – Marshaled by Buggy E non bumps
  • E-Buggy B (10 min) Marshaled by E-Buggy A
  • E-Buggy A (10 min)   Marshaled by E-Buggy B
  • Buggy C (30 min) top 5 bump  Marshaled by Buggy D non bumps
  • E-Buggy B  (10 min)   Marshaled by E-Buggy A
  • E-Buggy A  (10 min)   Marshaled by E-Buggy B
  • Buggy B (30 min) top 5 bump – Marshaled by Buggy C non bumps
  • Truggy (30 min) Marshaled by Buggy B non bumps
  • Buggy A  (45 min) Marshaled by Truggy

Format subject to change

The nitty-gritty:

  • Classes are subject to minimum numbers.
  • 1x Practice/Seeding round (race your own clock) – best 3 consecutive laps (10min)
  • 4x rounds heads-up racing heats, grid starts, “bracketed points” which regrade after every round.
  • All points count no dropped rounds!  


Entry costs are fixed per class:

  • Nitro Buggy: $60
  • Truggy and Electric Classes: $40

Payment can be made to:
Credit Union SA (Account Name: Southern Districts Model Car Club)
– BSB No: 805-007
– Acct No: 00198060
**Please include your name as the reference*

Important: Confirmation into the event will based on your payment status ONLY.


All drivers entering the event must abide by the rules in the driver code-of-conduct document
Please be mindful of your marshalling duties.  You must move onto the track promptly after you have finished your heat.  All heats are grid-start. If you are not marshalling please help out anyone who needs a grid starter person.    Marshalling is your priority, not grid starts!