The club constantly reviews SA rules and regulations that may affect running of, and attendance at, our club events.  Below are the standard minimum rules for all events.

  • All attendees must pre-register on our website before attending an event.  You will not be permitted to show on the day and register onsite.  This is to allow us to manage overall numbers and also register a list of attendees for possible contact tracing.  You must register by 6pm the night before the event.
  • A standard event will be limited to 20 racers.  Up to 5 additional ‘staff’ roles for  running and administering the event.  Should an event register more than 20 participants the club will review how the event might proceed before race day.  Additional rules and guidelines might be added to manage extra people and keep them separate within isolated groups to a maximum of 20 people.
  • We race in a public place.  Managing the people in the immediate area can be very challenging.  Please do not encourage the public to mingle with racers.  Public should be directed to the outside of the track and not be allowed in the pit or rostrum area.  Please do not bring non-participants to the event.  A pit-person is acceptable, but will also need to register for the event on the club webpage.
  • A maximum of 11 racers are allowed on the rostrum.  All drivers must have exited the rostrum before other drivers ascend for the next race.
  • Social distancing should be adhered to at all times:
    • Always remain 1.5m for others where possible
    • Remain separated in the pits and starting area
    • Only 1 person to be on the rostrum stairs at one time
  • Hygiene.  When social contact is unavoidable use available hand sanitiser as much as possible.
  • Pay by card.  Paywave is preferred payment method for race fees.  Cash is strongly discouraged for hygiene reasons.
  • If you feel in any way sick or ill – do not attend the event!

Please note that the rules may change from time to time as SA rules and regulations are updated.  Please check this page before every event.

COVID-Safe Rules